Once Upon a Time Captain Hook Pirate Coat


  • TV Series: Once Upon a Time
  • Leather body fitted coat
  • Glossy Black color
  • Lapel style collar
  • Button design on front
  • x Clear


TV series outfits and costumes are also being copied and replicated to come up with such a convincing attire that everybody wants to wear. This coat is actually a depiction of the exact attire of the character Captain Hook in the TV series of Once Upon a Time. This show is quite famous for its juvenile costumes and vibrant designs. This coat is amongst those attires. You won’t see such type of coat in regular practice. It is different, unique and distinctive from others. The front of the coat has numerous buttons aligned in the vertical line. The pointed shoulders are also adding some intimidation into this coat. The sleeves are rounded and also long comparative to the length of the coat. The lapels of this coat is also very uniquely designed

1 review for Once Upon a Time Captain Hook Pirate Coat

  1. This coat has gained my extra attention as I try my best to wear it as much as possible. I must appreciate the designers to come up with such a unique idea. Glossy texture is another my favorite thing about this coat

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