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Star Wars Force Awakens Finn Leather Jacket


  • Movie: Star Wars Force Awakens
  • Distinctive Pockets
  • Stars printed on right side
  • Medium Glossy texture
- Clear selection

Product Description

Owning a trendy and most updated version of attire, is always a fantasy or dream of every guy. Specially, if this attire has some unique association with your favourite movie character. This exclusive jacket was part of the latest Star Wars movie in which the character Finn wore it. This jacket has some place in the movie as it leads to the recognition of the character by a robot. This jacket is also very durable and enduring to last with you for some substantial amount of time. The colour shade of this jacket has been kept the same as it was in the movie. The designers have successfully replicated every minute detail from the movie. The unique pocket style is also making this jacket a prototype. A lining pattern on the arms and on the shoulders are making this jacket a perfect futuristic attire

1 review for Star Wars Force Awakens Finn Leather Jacket

  1. Edith Convay

    I have seen all the movies of Star Wars. I really liked this character of Finn as he works with Han Solo. I bought this jacket in particular for this character. I get recognize wearing this jacket as it was quite an integral part of the movie

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