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Flash Logo Red Leather Costume Jacket for Men


  • Character: Flash
  • Type: Costume Jacket
  • Up Collar type
  • YKK zipper quality
  • Exquisite design and colors
  • Unique Sleeves
- Clear selection

Product Description

Character of Flash has been popular since the new TV series have come. This jacket is designed to commemorate the legacy of Flash as it includes a typical flash emblem on the chest. The waist end of the jacket is carrying a bolted edge which is making this jacket closer to the Flash. Very durable and high quality of front zipper is provided with it to close the jacket. The Long Sleeves are carrying a special design that is also contributing in to look like a Flash attire. The back of the jacket has also very exciting features. Parallel designs in the shape of mountains can be seen which is making it look cool. This jacket is also a very practical attire to wear in this spring. You can wear it to the social events

1 review for Flash Logo Red Leather Costume Jacket for Men

  1. Estes Nygardd

    This jacket has been designed with optimal mind set to create a perfect Flash costume. I really love the emblem and the overall design of the jacket as it depicts the Flash character. It is a loose body attire making it perfect for this hot season

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